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Meet the People Behind Second Wind

Mary Taylor – Healthcare Executive

Mary has many years’ experience helping guide small start ups into large institutions. She has helped businesses in the commercial, financial, healthcare and non-profit arenas and looks forward to helping you.

Her work in dynamic and rapidly growing companies, as well as companies struggling through change and reformation, has positioned her as an agent for change in the corporate environment.

Mary’s talents have been put to work in both the corporate and non-profits sectors. She is a long-time board member of Child Development Resources and has be instrumental in helping them fulfill their goal to assist children in Ventura County.

Change management, business expansion, system planning and growth, project management and team building are just some of her talents. Mary brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her.

Mary Taylor is an Operations Executive and executive consultant with 15 years experience in managed health care.  She possesses widely diversified experience as a health insurance consultant in operations management, total quality management, change management, human resources planning, outsourcing, cycle-time improvement and supplier management.

Mary has a strong history and demonstrable expertise in managing critical programs at an enterprise level from emerging start-ups to $4B companies.  She collaborates effectively with a wide range of personnel and draws upon diverse, cutting-edge tools to create highly effective initiatives, captures dramatic cost savings and positions any company for substantial revenue growth

Among Mary’s recent accomplishments:

▫          Program Management

  • Created project governance structure for Medicare and Medicaid clinical operations teams.
  • Created, managed system to monitor, manage and prioritize projects for a $4,000,000,000 company.
  • Managed program for an award winning outgoing call center for Medicare clinical operations.

▫          Change Management

  • Led clinical operations standardization process and outsourcing with a 15% cost decrease in 2 years.
  • Introduced online training to 17,000 employees on time and under budget.
  • Supported change management during outsourcing initiatives, minimizing turnover and productivity losses. 
  • Implemented new desktop systems to 6,000 associates, improving average call handle time by 10%.
  • Provided change management support for clinical departments for Medicare Advantage Program.

▫          Outsourcing Project Management:

  • Directed outsourcing of clinical operations to the Philippines, B-to-B call center to Jamaica.
  • Managed process documentation, training and vendor support for claims processing outsourcing.
  • Held responsibility for mailroom function outsource to Colorado.

▫          Performance Improvement:  

  • Improved national clinical operations cycle time from 15 days to 5 days.
  • Decreased backlog by 50% and reduced rework in claims operations by 8%, saving $13,700,000. 
  • Documented $8,700,000 in performance improvement projects over one year.
  • Implemented call center performance improvement project, decreasing supervisor calls by 11%.
  • Redesigned new hire training program, decreasing new hire ramp up time by 15%.
  • Implemented automated fax processing system in 3 call centers, improving throughput

▫         Systems Planning:

  • Designed and implemented system for large client enrollment  resulting in 35% increase in membership with $12,000,000 additional revenue.
  • Implemented learning management system on-time and within budget.
  • Executed document management system, decreasing inquiry backlog from 30 days to 24 hours..

Mary has made these contributions to business at:

WellPoint, Inc., Camarillo, California as

  • Staff Vice President, Care Management
  • Staff Vice President, Operations Performance Department, and
  • Director of Customer Satisfaction

Heller Financial Services, Glendale, California

  • Vice President of Business Systems

Resume and detailed references available Here.